Vegan Volumes for Caterers

Like most hoteliers, restaurateurs, and banqueting and conference managers, you are seeing the increased demand for high quality vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free and egg-free dishes from your customers. However, most professional catering training barely touches these areas, leaving you struggling to know how to satisfy your customers.

Vegan Volumes is here for you to use as a quick resource containing the information you need to cater for these special diets.

In the Food and Drink volume there is a host of information about what vegans and vegetarians do and do not eat and drink, along with tips for converting traditional recipes.

Each month you can also find a new, tried and tested, tasty recipe on this site.

If you would like a more personalised service, contact Vegan Volumes for a consultation. We can help you create one dish, or a dinner menu, and suit them to work well with your existing menu.

Please also e-mail Vegan Volumes to pass on any feedback, cautionary stories or happy tales that we can share here.

vegan goulash

Take a look at this delicious menu, as featured in the The Vegan magazine. For more information contact
Vegan Volumes

raspberry tower

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